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The Walden Three Project has developed an engineering model of a super-efficient, car-free, sustainable city that uses extensive recycling, permaculture, and integrated, co-generation, pollution-free factories to manufacture most of what its citizens consume.
Mr Walter has extensive experience in starting and operating small businesses and broad knowledge in finance and financial markets. He is skilled in writing and computer science and widely read in psychology, economics, behavior management, religion, and philosophy.

Mr. Walter founded the Life Skills Foundation in an effort to help people in lower socio-economic situations, of which those incarcerated and on welfare are a significant and problematic part.

He is a member of the Kiwanis Club of Tampa, Institute for Ethics and Meaning, Democratic National Committee, Florida Democratic Party, Hillsborough County Democratic Party, Social Democrats of America, Metropolitan Museum of Art (NYC), Museum of Modern Art (NYC), WEDU Foundation, WUSF TV Foundation, and WUSF Radio Foundation.

Mr. Walter was born in Tampa, Florida in 1947 and is unmarried with no children.

1999-present Imp Tech and Home Portal
Founder and CEO
1993-present Life Skills Foundation
Founder and Chairman
Tampa, FLorida
Non-profit educational organization
1992-1993 Institute for Rational Living (Florida Branch)
Administrative Director
Tampa, Florida
Non-profit psychology education and therapy organization
1985-1992 Venture Capitalist and author in Hong Kong and China
Hong Kong Territory, UK (now HK,
Special Administrative Region (SAR),
People's Republic of China (PRC)

Asia Vision, Inc.
Interstar Music, Inc.
Brown's Wine bar
New Hong Kong, Ltd.
Collaborated on Banzai You Bastards, true story of Jack Edwards, held POW by
Japanese during W.W.II in Taiwan.

1981-1985 Advantage Systems
Tampa, Florida
Founder and President
Computer Sales and Support company
1978-1981 Arch Roberts & Co.
Designer and Installer of Computerized Office
St. Petersburg, Florida
Municipal Bond Dealer
1975-1978 Walter-Ashebrenner Enterprises
Tampa, Florida
Automobile Wholesale Enterprise
1973-1975 Great American Photon Fuel Company
Tampa, Florida
Founder and President
Solar Energy Research and Development
1969-1971 Joe Snyder & Company
New York, NY
Vice President
Financial Public Relations
1969-1971 Jim Walter Corporation
Tampa, Florida
Management Trainee
1965 Asheville School (Prep School)
Asheville, North Carolina
Graduated Cum Laude
1965 University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Awarded Morehead Scholarship
1966 University of North Carolina
Phi Eta Sigma (freshman Honors Society)