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I am a humanitarian whose basic philosophy is stoicism in its manifestation as Rational-Emotive-Behaviorism [Unconditional Acceptance] Theory.

I enjoy intellectual discussions (economics, politics, science), helping people, aerobics, hiking, dancing, theater, symphonies, writing prose and poetry, reading, 70's and 80's pop music, travelling, skiing, flying, and skin diving.

The Walden Three Project has developed an engineering model for a super-efficient, car-free, sustainable city that is designed from the beginning to use extensive recycling, permaculture, co-generation, and pollution-free factories to manufacture most of what its citizens consume. Parody Record
Rolls Royce
Walden 3

No Hurrying

Most Men Pursue Pleasure
In Such Breathless Haste
They Hurry Right Past It

- Soren Kierkegaard
Philosopher (1813-1855)

For Most reading this, "Less is More" [who said that first?]